Soaring Dragon Martial Arts





Rates and Location

Here at Soaring Dragon Martial Arts we do not believe in contracts unlike some other schools.  
We also offer the first month free just so you can get a feel of the martial arts and decide if you want to continue.  
If you decide to continue we have 2 payment options. First one is monthly. Our rates start at 35 dollars a month from each student. 
We also have a group discount rate 35 dollars for the first person then 5 dollars each additional person.  
The second one is paying by the class 10 dollars a class with a group rate of 10 dollars for the first person and 5 dollars each additional person.  
I also hold private lessons 15 dollars an hour no set minimum or maximum 
I do not own a dojo. Thousands of years ago the great masters of the martial arts trained and taught outside to be one with the earth and that is how I train.  
I sometimes train and teach at cascades or sometimes I teach at The Leoni Township park in Michigan Center same spot as the Carp Carnival.  The Majority of the time classes will take place at the Leoni Township Park on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
If interested click on the contact me button on the side of the screen and give me a call and i will give you the information that you want. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.