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Kiwamu Karate Do


Kiwamu Karate Do which translates into Ultimate Empty Hand Way was created after many years of training by Paul DeVoe. The styles that make up Kiwamu Karate Do are Sanchin-Ryu, Hapkido, Chun Kuk Do, Ninjutsu, and Isshin-Ryu.

The art of Kiwamu consists of 20 hand basics, 20 foot basics, Kata, Self Defense, Sparring, and when you learn self control you will begin weapons training. The weapons of Kiwamu are the bo staff (as well as the jo staff and han bo), sai, tuifa, nunchucku, telescopic baton, kama, manriki chain, shuriken, and the katana.

About Grandmaster Paul DeVoe

Grandmaster Paul DeVoe started training in martial arts when he was only four years old and he trained in five different arts over many years

When he was four he started in sanchin-ryu and trained from four until he was seven years old. Then he went into Hapkido and trained from seven until he was ten years old. He was promoted to 1st degree black belt in both arts.

While he was still training in hapkido he took up Chun Kuk Do. He started that when he was nine years old. There was a camp ground his family went to in Ohio and there was a chun kuk do instructor teaching there during the summer. He joined and stayed all summer and went back every summer until he was eleven. The only reason he stopped was because the instructor stopped teaching there but before he had to quit he was also promoted to 1st degree black belt.

One day his parents asked him what he wanted to be when he got older. He told them he did not know but he realized what that was going to be when he met Michael Towers 10th degree black belt, he taught many different styles but mostly ninjutsu.

He was half Japanese and half Caucasian. He met a woman when he still lived in Japan, she was from Lansing Michigan. When she came back to the united states he came with her and opened up a dojo in Lansing. Grandmaster DeVoe heard about ninjustu classes opening up so he checked into it.

He was eleven at the time and he was with him for eight years up until his death in 2006. He was in the hospital room when he died from leukemia. Before he died he told Grandmaster DeVoe that he was his first student, and that he was like a son to him. He asked him to promise him to continue his teachings and he promised him that before his death Grandmaster DeVoe was promoted to 2nd degree black belt.

Five minutes Later He passed away, after his death he took 2 years off from training then he started training in Isshin-Ryu in 2008. He studied until  2010. then took a break off from Isshin-Ryu to go back and train with people around Michigan that taught the other styles he studied in.

In August 2009 while training in Isshin-Ryu he heard of a Ninjutsu school holding black belt testing’s for students who no longer have there master. He decided to get tested and was going for his 3rd degree black belt.

The instructor said he was so good that he not only promoted him but he skipped him a belt and promoted him 4th degree black belt. With all his belt degrees combined he is considered was considered a 7th degree black belt but after creating kiwamu karate do.

He became 10th degree black belt and grandmaster of Kiwamu Karate Do in 2010. He is also the youngest master in american history.

Grand Master Paul DeVoe is located and runs his karate school in Jackson County Michigan

During the summer he holds classes outside the reason is that many years ago that great masters of the martial arts trained outside to be one with the earth, but when the weather is bad and during the winter he trains and teaches inside his dojo.

His myspace is and website